There’s a groundswell at this time of year, a delicious, delirious, Christmas laden December swell.  Waves of work pressure, social activity, indulgence, consumption; barrels of emotion.  

I intend to ride that wave. I’m caught inside, down the face, wiped out, goofy footed. I’m hanging ten, hanging loose. I’m gnarly, frothing, stoked.

I’m right there with you watching Love Actually, The Holiday, indulging my senses in the emotional catharsis that any good movie will deliver.  I won’t shy away from the guilty glittery pleasures of the Victoria’s Secret Show, the Kardashians Christmas Special.

But I will at some point stop, and watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental enlightener Before The Flood. 

When I’m walking through Myer and they are spruiking the personalised Nutella Jar as a gift option, I will stop, to remind myself that although it’s tasty, the main ingredient is sugar and the second is palm oil who’s production isn’t kind on many levels.

I will by all means buy Chanel No5 if that’s what she would like, but I will stop to think if she would instead appreciate a chemical free essential oil that will relax her senses.

When I’m buying the cheese, the icecream, I will contemplate if there’s a farmers market or organic version, where I’m more assured the cow had a happy life.

I’ll endeavour to source my meat and seafood from the butcher or market, to avoid supermarket styrofoam overload.

I’ll take my reusable bags to the shops and go without that extra bottle of soda water to reduce the amount of plastic that will end up in landfill.

I’ll drink the beer, sip the bubbles, eat the prawns, nibble the brie.  Share the beverages, the food, the love. Connect with my favourite ones, share the in jokes, laugh till it hurts and prioritise the gift of ‘presence’.

We’re all virtue and vice.  Naughty and nice.  Cheers to a conscious Christmas and a well intentioned life.