Laura Dern is Amy Jellicoe in HBO Series Enlightened

This striking image is that of actress Laura Dern, mid corporate world breakdown, hysterical in the office bathroom, storming through the open plan, ultimately melting down and clawing her way into a lift to tell her boss exactly what she thinks.

Goodbye Amy. Off to Hawaii you go to heal. And back she comes a changed woman, a meditating yoga doing raving about her hawaiian turtle kind of woman, with a burning desire to revolutionise the universe starting with her corporate conglomerate employer.

Laura Dern plays Amy Jellicoe in HBO series Enlightened for which she scored a Golden Globe for best actress. She co-created and produced the series with Mike White, who himself plays one of the key characters, a geek sheik with a soft spot for helping the effervescent slash deluded Amy.

Oh, and he sleeps his way into the company hard-drive while assisting Amy on her quest to banish the organisation for their toxic sins.

Enlightened aired for a short but sweet two seasons. It’s a show with a cult and critic following but struggled in the mainstream ratings. I get it. It’s slightly kooksville but the kinda kooksville that gets the heart searching and the soul soaring.

Levi (oh my goodness, Luke Wilson, from Oldschool and beyond, I love you) is a standout as drug fiend ex husband who adores and despises Amy, the latter especially when she disposes of his narcotics in a river on a forced ‘nature trip’. He ends up on his own Hawaii stint, looking for Amy’s metaphoric turtle. All he finds is rehab delinquents who lead him astray. But as an adult can you really be led astray?


Luke Wilson plays Levi in HBO series Enlightened

Levi’s journey is one of revelation and irreverence. It’s facilitated if not antagonised by Amy, who according to her Twitter profile, is an Aspiring Agent of Change. Did Amy mention she’s joined Twitter?

“‘I’ll find the link and re-tweet it…because I joined twitter yesterday and…. you should follow me.” Enter one of the frequent voice overs of Amy’s naive profoundness:

I have joined a new world…
I learn it’s language, clicking and flashing and pinging, I read it’s signs, electric invisible
In this world the meek like me will finally rise and the confused will become certain
And the powerful will be laid low and we will all unite in a single current of compassion
and action the new world order, so close you can hear its angels buzzing
Follow me… Follow me…

Amy Jellicoe Twitter

Enlightened is somewhat a microcosm of what’s happening to the world. We’re breaking down. We’re waking up. We’re connecting with information and likeminded people through social media and the online world. Be it god or devil, in the face of isolation, loneliness and a loss of knowing thy neighbour and community, this connection can be a beautiful thing.

Enter Amy voice over:

Am I my higher self or am I in the mud?
Am I an agent of change or a creator of chaos?
Am I the fool, the goat, the witch, or am I enlightened?
You can change. And you can be an agent of change.


Amy continues to fight for justice. When she is asked by her corporate company owner, who are you? She responds:

“I’m just a woman who is over it I’m tired of watching the world fall apart because of guys like you so I tried to take a little power back.”

His retort? “You, are a mental patient, you feel but you don’t think, you cry about the planet you weep for the oceans you bitch and moan… But you don’t understand anything, if the world was run by you there would be nothing…all you have are these fuzzy headed idealistic notions that don’t fucking apply.”

Amy hits back, “If caring about something other than the money is dopey, I’m a fucking moron.”

I think I’m a fucking moron too. vh


Enter Enlightened trailer…