Daylight savings, the human construct that divides. After the dreary dark mornings of winter finally lift, I find myself excited about naturally waking to the earth’s rhythms come spring.

My eyes are opening before the five am mark, I’m stirring at dawn and feeling ahead of the curve. Up with boundless energy and out into the world, I’m enjoying my favourite part of the day, the early morning, where technology still semi-sleeps and I feel like I’m cheating time. No one can touch me here, it’s reminiscent of the airport, where I tend to ignore my phone and focus only on the journey ahead, suspended in time.

In the spring mornings, it’s the trek along Bondi’s coastal walk with blossoms in the air that have my motivation at an all time high. It lasts but a few joyous weeks, and then daylight savings. Queenslanders have it right I tell you with their boycott. And I hear the cows aren’t into it either.

Call me a flower child but waking up to an alarm makes me anxious. I worry. I fret that I’ll be disturbed at the wrong stage of sleep, will I be interrupting REM? Jolting my body when it’s in a deep state of rest? Mimicking what it would be like to be woken by a wild animal if I were living at one with the land? Missing out on the best part of a beautiful dream? But when daylight savings hits my body is waking closer to the six am hour and this just won’t do.  Enter technology.

I acknowledge that the concept and parameters of time are merely a man made notion from the beginning. But I respect that we made the right choice when applying 24 hours in the day and deciding where each hour would sit across the cycle of the sun and moon!

Early to bed, early to rise. It’s a routine that serves me well! Now I feel like I’m staying up too late and straggling the next day.

I guess like anything we adjust. If my mind could just let it go I’d be frolicking into the balmy evenings and not worrying too much what happens come morning. In no time, pun recognised, we’ll be gaining that hour back and sitting in the gloomy chill of winter.

Best get on with enjoying what was designed to reward us with endless summer days and nights.  Complaining about things born from a civilised society will only have you realise your hypocriticalness in using the convenience of a computer and the internet to do so. vh