It’s a new year and thank god (aka the universe, your guru, your barista) for that.  Not to buck the gratitude trend, because of course there were lessons learned in 2013 and everything ‘happened for a reason’, but there’s something dazzlingly infinite about the slate of a new year.  Not least because it justifies the vices indulged in over the silly season.

2014, like any new year, is filled with purpose and possibility.  It’s laden with resolutions of detox, weight loss, yoga, spending more time with loved ones, being a better mother father brother sister friend lover.  Being kinder, softer, more generous, more in love, less depressed.  I daren’t guess the spectrum of desires that have been declared of late.

In the vanity stakes I resolve to do more pilates, dry body brush, have more baths, spend more time in the beautifying ocean since I’m blessed to live in Australia, where the coast is close, the air is clean and the sun is free.

In the quest for being a well rounded human being I resolve to revel in the ‘taken for granteds’ – I mean doesn’t it blow your mind every day that your legs work, that the world keeps spinning and we can walk around on it?  Gravity, I mean seriously WTF?!

I resolve to speak the best version of my truth, even if it leaves me questioning whether I am a nice, considerate, normal person capable of functioning in society. I resolve to make incremental moves towards living more in line with my soul purpose, in other words what I feel I was put on this earth to do, even if it doesn’t appear the sensible path.

And in moments where I do not know what that purpose is, or all signs point to self indulgent dream chaser, and I find myself curled in a ball of despair telling myself to harden the fuck up and get about with a more regular existence, I resolve to cry.  Just a little.  Then get on with it.  And probably watch Oprah because she makes all of this idealism seem rather justified.

Rhythms and cycles are the world we live in.  Give and take.  Up and down.

Hello 2014, you are another year, constructed by the genius who made up the calendar, in a human world, on planet earth, and I am but a teeny speck.  So who knows if it even matters what I do.  But my heart tells me to contribute, to write, to connect with people and find out what inspires them to move forward with their journey despite life’s frustrations.

I start the year with Mary Oliver’s words in mind.  “Tell me, what it is you plan to do with your one and wild and precious life?”

Then I dream a little dream.

I hope you dream one too. vh