“There is no one that can support my creative journey like Vicki!  I am super passionate about my business and  she just totally ‘gets it’ and knows exactly how to help me communicate in the most authentic and powerful way.  She is such a blessing to have access to plus she is so much fun to work with!”
Emmily Banks, Depths of Beauty


Through my private consulting you will be supported with one off or ongoing discussions via audio or video chat where you can become clear on your messaging and your vision for your business or creative pursuits.

Through my background in PR and communications I will assist you in navigating the evolving media landscape in a way that feels grounded and healthy whilst achieving true connection with others and having a positive impact on audiences.

Please enquire via email

“I have regular sessions with Vicki.  She has an uncanny ability to take the messages I am seeking to share with the world to the next level in terms of clarity and impact. Whenever I need to ensure my communications have maximum effect, her skills and insights are invaluable and always on point. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is also a complete delight to work with – professional, dedicated, easy to communicate with and always exceeds expectations.”
Justine Peacock, Intuitive Therapist

“Vicki has the ability to take the cauldron of bubbling ideas that is my imagination and craft it into a clear, concise and inspirational message. She has mentored me through many ups and downs in my business with her professional and insightful advice, and has provided constructive and honest feedback on all of my creative endeavours. Her bubbly personality is infectious and I feel honoured to continue to have the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated woman. “
Jordanna Levin, The Inspired Table

“Vicki is passionate about her craft, her experience and knowledge of PR and communications is next to none! With Vicki it’s not just what she does it’s how she does it, she is instinctive with her approach and does all things with the highest integrity.  I have consulted with Vicki on opportunities whilst creating my business Spilt Sugar and she has always given me reliable, honest and kick-ass advice that gets results!”
Louise Ferguson, Spilt Sugar Candles